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The Luck Objection to Agent-Causal Libertarianism
Eric Bohner
Responsibility's Influence on Obligation
Ishtiyaque Haji
Death's Harm, Reasonable Compassion, and Phenomenal Continuity
Howard Leo Morrow Nye
Setting Precedents Without Making Norms?
Katharina Stevens
Permissivism and Two Conceptions of Rationality
Daniel Munro
Archives of Nature
Frederik-Emil Friis Jakobsen
Virtue Scepticism and Moral Motivations
Zachary Joel Reimer
Alexander of Hales on the Ethics of Vigilantism
Travis Dumsday
Dismantling the Prisoner’s Dilemma: A Feminist Perspective on Evolutionary Ethics
Nicole Lokstadt
Mental Causation, Autonomy and Action Theory
Dwayne Moore
Ability Kinds
Ryan Hebert
Objectively Untrustworthy
Lauren Edwards
Practical Reason and Morality
Dugald Lee Owen
Musical Ontology and the Question of Abstracta
Peter Alward
What is a Lineage?
Celso Neto
Alethic Modal Reasoning in Functional Groups Classificatory Practice
Ananya Chattoraj
Synonymy and Token-Reflexivity
Sebastian Petzolt
Reference by Proxy and Truth-in-a-Model
Travis LaCroix
The Content and Logic of Imperatives
Nicolas Fillion, Matthew Lynn
A Note on Ruben's Conditional Theory of Trying
Gillman Payette
An Autopsy of Dead Metaphor
Derek Postnikoff
Can Quantum Mechanics Unblock the Universe?
Kent Peacock
A Tale of Two Individuality Accounts and Integrative Pluralism
Sinan Sencan
Possible Worlds, Artificiality, and Collective Authorship
Phil Bériault
Against Open-Mindedness (for Some People)
Jeremy Fantl
Linguistic and Metaphysical Individuation (Symposium)
David Liebesman, Jonathan Payton
Oh, How the Tables Have Turned: Some Perspectives on Language and Thought
Jordan Joseph Wadden
Epistemic Blame?
Cameron Boult
Political Authority as Arbitrational Authority
Steven Coyne
Self and Selfishness
Noa Latham
The Duty to Silence and the Duty to Engage
Karl Laderoute
Intentional Action and Agent's Knowledge
Kevin Falvey
I, Artist.
Julia Eve Minarik, Cameron McKinnon
On the Quantitative-Differences Error in the Substance View’s Defense
Rob Lovering
Harm Reduction for Corporations
Vanessa Lam
Handmaid Revisited; constructing reasons to resist in conservative societies
Joshua David Stein
A Conceptual Analysis Task for Undergraduate Students Modeled on Elements of the Socratic Method
James R Connelly
Hopelessness and Despair
Dimitrios Dentsoras
Money and Mental Contents
Sarah Amy Vooys, David Dick
The Knowledge Norm of Assertion in Dialectical Context
Endre Begby
The Psychological Mechanisms of Implicit Bias
Dylan Ludwig
The Goods and Bads of Childhood: Cultivating Cares and Accommodating Vulnerabilities
Bowen Chan
On the Goods in Grief
Emer O'Hagan
Plotinus, What’s the Matter With Matter?
Emily C. Kotow
Blame it on Mum: Reproducing and Remedying Dysfunction in the Malebranchean Passions
Amy Morgan Schmitter
“Just”-us, (or) should future people count too?
Darren Corpe
Berkeley on the Auditory Perception of Space
Donald Oxtoby
Intentionality and Pragmatism: Some Varieties—and Recommendations
Brandon Beasley
Fundamental Problems of Epistemology, Symposium in Honour of Brian Grant
Mark Migotti, Ron Wilburn, Jeremy Fantl
Androgyny and Utopia: Justice in Gender Abolition
Shawn G F Huberdeau
Dignity and Disposability
Lori Gruen


Kinship with Non-Human Others: The Trouble with Donna Haraway’s “Making Kin”
Ela Tokay
Individual Emissions, Metaphysical Indeterminacy, and Supervaluationist Decision Theory
Howard Leo Morrow Nye
Defending the defenders: Environmental protectors, climate change and human rights
Patricia Glazebrook
Challenging the Anthropocentrism in the Ethics of Climate Change
Michael Montess
Understanding Animism: Understanding Animism: Frames of Truthfulness and Other-than-human Personhood
Thomas H. Bretz
Canadian Ecological Nationalism in the Anthropocene
Byron Williston
The Role of Moral Reasoning in Nonhuman Animals
Ethan Cole Terrill