Conference Policies

Archive Access Policy

The presentations that make up the current and archived conferences on this site have been made open access and are freely available for viewing, for the benefit of authors and interested readers.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I submit two proposals?

Yes, authors can submit a maximum of two proposals as primary author.

2. How do I submit another proposal?

Once you've completed the process of submitting your first proposal, return to the "user home" page and begin the process again for the second proposal.

3. I can't see where to submit a proposal.

Click "my profile" in the top right corner, ensure you have checked off "author". This will give you permission to submit a proposal.

4. How do two (or more) authors create an account?

Only one author can create an account, although the account information and password can be passed along to other authors in order to track the submission through the review process. Additional authors can be added to the proposal during the submission process by editing the submission metadata.

5. Do I need to register for the conference before I submit a proposal?


6. If my proposal is accepted am I required to register for the conference?

Yes, all authors who attend the conference are required to register and pay for their conference attendance.

7. Are my co-authors required to register for the conference?

Yes, co-authors are required to register and pay if they attend the conference.

8. Who can volunteer and how does that work?

Undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars can apply to volunteer by emailing before March 14, 2018. All volunteers must commit to volunteering for a full day of the conference and attend an orientation session a few weeks prior to the conference. Registration fees are waived for volunteers.



Peer Review Process

We invite reviewers to volunteer to peer-review proposals.  Reviewers are required to evaluate and provide comments for each proposal that allow the author to understand the strengths and limitations of the proposal. Reviewer comments will be shared anonymously with authors. Scholarly reviewers ensure the quality and integrity of the conference program. Reviewers are asked to conduct their reviews with respect, professionalism, and thoughtfulness for those who have submitted their work, regardless of the paradigm, method of inquiry, or topic area.

You do not have to submit a conference proposal to be a reviewer.  Follow the steps to Create an Account in the OCS.

*IMPORTANT: When you Create an Account please check
Reviewer: Willing to conduct peer review of submissions to the conference.  Do not identify reviewing interests (substantive areas and research methods). Leave this section blank.

When a proposal is sent to you for review, you will receive a message in the email address provided.  You will then login to the OCS to complete the review.